Patti Stanger Is Done With “Millionaire Matchmaker” After 8 Seasons

  • Patti Stanger will no longer be introducing ladies to millionaires with horrible personalities and telling them to iron their hair on Bravo anymore. Which, honestly, we’re a little bummed about. [E! Online]
  • Nicky Hilton married banking heir James Rothschild–which, I think, according to wacko conspiracy theorists, makes her the queen of the Illuminati? [DListed]
  • Christian Audigier, the designer behind Ed Hardy and Von Dutch, has passed away from cancer. Remember him fondly by watching all two seasons of “Rock of Love” on Hulu this weekend. [CNN]
  • This dude thinks he is Forrest Gump or some shit. [People]
  • James McElvar, who is in a boy band called Rewind, became violently ill and collapsed on a flight due to the fact that he was wearing all of his clothing at once in order to avoid a £45 charge on an EasyJet flight. []
  • Obama will become the first president to visit a Federal Prison. [TPM]
  • Pharmacists in Oregon can now prescribe birth control. [Ms.]
  • A bunch of parents are super upset because they think some “Minions” toys from Happy Meals are swearing at their kids or something. McDonald’s says the Minions speak only gibberish. Whatever, I grew up going to a zoo that had an ape that smoked and gave people the finger, and I turned out ok, so they probably don’t need to worry too much. [NBC Chicago]