Anti-Gay Oregon Bakers Were Not Actually Fined $135,000 For Refusing To Make A Gay Wedding Cake

One of the major points that supporters of Sweet Cakes bakery and their right to not bake cakes for lesbian weddings have made is the fact that a $135,000 seems like a really steep seeming fine for just refusing to make a wedding cake. Even if it’s because you’re a weird bigot.

Certainly, DJ Tanner was all kinds of upset about that on “The View” this week. Here’s a refresher in case you didn’t see, or if you just want to see Raven Symone’s glorious side-eye again.

But guess what! As it turns out, the Sweet Cakes bakery people are not actually being fined because they loved Jesus too much to bake a lesbian wedding cake.

You see, when Laurel Bowman-Cryer first filed her complaint in 2013, she filed it on her Smartphone, and thus did not see the disclaimer that the complaint–along with her name, phone number and address–would be released to the owners of Sweet Cakes bakery. It was, and as soon as he received it, the very holy owner, Aaron Klein, posted the complaint to his Facebook page. Without her phone number and address blurred out.

Subsequently–especially given all the media attention the story was getting–the Bowman-Cryers received constant threats and harassment from Klein’s supporters.

As a result of the constant harassment and threats, the Bowman-Cryers were told by adoption officials that they were responsible for keeping their foster children safe from these nutjobs and feared they might lose them.

So, they’re not being fined simply for sticking to their religious beliefs and being very holy and moral and pure–they’re being fined for doxxing people. The Kleins were found to be responsible for the harassment Bowman-Cryers were subjected to–with the judge finding that any reasonable person should know that posting someone’s address and phone number on the internet could lead to them being harassed.

So, while Melissa and Aaron Klein may insist that this is all over them being “persecuted for being Christians”–which yeah, not a thing, sorry–this is about them and all their very holy and Christlike friends persecuting the Bowman-Cryers.


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