Amy Schumer Tells It Like It Is About Getting Head

Having a dude go down on you is a gamble. If you two have been doing it for a while, you’re in the clear: He knows what you like and you’re comfortable enough to tell him to stop doing that, because hey, he’s a half-inch off and that’s not what he thinks it is. But letting a rando you’ve only boned once or twice get all up in your basement is a risky move. Sometimes — maybe always! — it’s a long road to the finish line. Long enough for you to knock out the last quarter of this week’s New Yorker or to text about your plans for the beach the next day. Amy Schumer knocks it out of the park with this one.

Watch as an unsuspecting man dives deep below the covers and actually goes, uh, inside Amy Schumer. It looks like a pillow fort but it’s got everything: Hidden galaxies, a treasure map attached to the bones of an explorer who came before, a lantern for guiding the way. A word of warning to all men — sometimes, it actually, really takes time.