We Should Be Fighting For Liberation, Not Equality

Cheers all around for this one: In the video above, journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge makes the argument that fighting for equality between women and men as umbrella categories of people is sort of dishonest, when men aren’t equal among themselves (i.e. race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and poverty all affect men’s access to or exclusion from power). The fight for “equality” has more often been a fight for assimilation, in which the group with the most power – wealthy, white, cis, straight men – have been set as the status quo, and anyone who doesn’t belong to that group has been fighting to be included in that group’s way of life. Instead, says Eddo-Lodge, we should be deconstructing the system that not only favors but idealizes the intersection of wealth, whiteness, cis identity, heterosexuality, and masculinity, and embracing difference. Watch for more of her extremely compelling argument.

[The Guardian]

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