Taylor’s Swift Contract For Photographers Is Pretty Mean For A “Nice” Girl

Taylor Swift, champion of struggling musicians and expert curator of thoughtfully diverse girl squads, is a real pain in the ass when it comes to freelance photographers looking to cover her work. Is this surprising? No, not really. Are her terms gross and unconscionable? Yep, sure are.

According to the Montreal Gazette (via Gawker) the details of T-Swi’s contract for freelance photographers looking to cover her work is remarkably draconian, especially for an artist who took to her Macbook Air to peck out a dramatic letter to Apple about how musicians need to be fairly compensated. The Gazette decided against sending any photographers to cover her show, and provided annotations that illustrate just how ridiculous her terms are.

For any photographer looking to focus their lens upon the eerily smooth visage of Taylor Alison Swift, this is what you’re in for, should you sign that contract:

  • Once you take a picture of Taylor Swift, you can publish it once and then never use it again — not on your own website, or social media or anything that would help you promote your own work.
  • Taylor Swift and her minions have “the perpetual, worldwide” right to use every photo you took “in all media and formats” basically wherever they want.
  • If you don’t comply with this ridiculous contract, Taylor’s team reserves the right to destroy your equipment for any reason, with no compensation, and you can’t do shit about it.
  • Taylor or her henchmen could cause you bodily harm without any warning or compensation, so watch yourself.

The full contract is here. For someone who positions themselves as a champion of rights for struggling artists – and photography is an art form — this is a pretty shitty way to be. [Gawker]