Queer Up Your Comic Con Experience!


It’s time for the San Diego Comic Con! The Advocate has a comprehensive guide of the queerest things to do at Comic Con, including but very much not limited to a talk with notoriously fan-friendly actor John Barrowman (you know, from Doctor Who and Torchwood), a burlesque performance from Suicide Girls, and a panel about writing transgender characters. [The Advocate]



A report from the Human Rights Project for Girls says that 80 percent of girls in the juvenile justice system have a history of physical or sexual abuse, prompting the researchers to recommend that girls not be arrested on prostitution charges. Laws in many states allow girls to be arrested for prostitution at as young an age as 13, even if they’re victims of sex trafficking. [New York Times]



A German man has been fined 500 euros for deliberately drugging his girlfriend so that he could continue to play video games. The girlfriend had come home from work and objected to him continuing to play, so he put “four or five drops” of a sedative into her tea, causing her to sleep until noon and continue to suffer effects of the sedative for the next day. The judge called it a “deliberate assault.” Um, only 500 euros? [TIME]



Read about the Museum of Sex’s upcoming exhibition, “Hardcore: A Century and a Half of Obscene Imagery.” The exhibit features materials dating back well more than 150 years, actually, that basically constitutes porn way more raunchy than most contemporary people would imagine. Goes to show, humans have always been horndogs. [The Daily Beast]
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