Alessia Cara Makes “Bad Blood” Tolerable, Listenable, Beautiful

Here is Alessia Cara, 18-year-old Def Jam artist, completely bodying a cover of “Bad Blood” with only a guitar, a piano and some well-timed handclaps. She strips away the production and the gloss of T-Swi’s mean girl anthem and gives it a little more oomph. There’s grit to her voice. And the way she handles the Kendrick verse is admirable, and less wince-inducing than, say, Ed Sheeran’s tendency to make yearning acoustic covers of rap songs that don’t need acoustic covers.

Once you’re done playing this cover into the ground, shift your attention to Cara’s first single, “Here,” which is a smart anthem for the young introvert.

Her debut album is set to drop sometime this year, but craft your own experience by cruising through her other covers on her YouTube page.