Most Irish Citizens Believe Abortion Should Be Decriminalized


An Amnesty International poll on abortion in Ireland showed that less than 10 percent of Irish people knew that abortion was a criminal offense with a 14-year jail sentence in their country, but that 67 percent believe it should be decriminalized and 81 percent believe that abortion access should be expanded beyond its current legal limits. [Irish Times]


Afghanistan’s first female nominee for its Supreme Court lost parliamentary approval by nine votes. Anisa Rassouli has been a judge for 24 years, currently heading Kabul’s juvenile court. There was a campaign against her, led by male MPs who believed, in their words, that “a woman cannot be a judge in capital crimes and other serious criminal issues.” [The Guardian]


Facebook is undergoing some very subtle redesigns, one of which has been to change the “Friends” icon. As it was, the icon featured a woman with a notoriously Darth Vader-ish haircut distantly in back of a man; now the woman is just slightly in front, and has a more stylish ‘do. And yes, this was a change made specifically on feminist grounds. [The Verge]


Cool and also pretty messed up: Did you know that Martha Washington’s portrait was once featured on American currency? Sweet, right? But also, it was featured on American currency in order to idealize indirect female political participation – you know, the kind where you support your political husband but don’t get to vote, yourself – in opposition to the growing women’s rights movement. Well, a woman will soon be on the $10 bill, so shows them, I guess. [The Atlantic]

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