Miss USA Finds New Hosts Who Don’t Mind Donald Trump Being Terrible

After literally everyone dumped the Miss USA pageant — the networks, the hosts, the musical entertainment — on the heels of Donald Trump’s absurd comments about how nearly all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals (except the undocumented immigrants building his new hotel, we imagine), Trump has searched high and low and finally found some Z-List hosts to MC his pageant on the Reelz Network.

In case you are wondering What kind of person would sign up for that?, well, it’s not anyone you’ve ever heard of.¬†Todd Newton, who is some kind of game show host or daytime TV person, and Alex Wehrley, a former Miss Wisconsin, will host the pageant, while Julie Alexandria, who is on something called “OK! TV,” will provide backstage commentary.

We will not be watching, not only because Donald Trump is a racist doofus, but also because we have no idea what channel Reelz is even on.