Fox To Make Movie About SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Welp, the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states just a week and a half ago (still partying about it, over here), is going to be rolling in it soon. Fox has bought the life rights of Jim Obergefell and his attorney, Al Gerhardstein, as well as the rights to a currently-unpublished book that Obergefell is writing with journalist Debbie Canziper, which will be titled 21 Years to Midnight.

And I know, I know, there’s a difference between Fox the movie studio and Fox News, but I just think it’s funny that this is the same corporation that employs a woman whose immediate on-air response to the SCOTUS ruling was to engage in a serious conversation about how same-sex marriage legalization means that polygamy is legal now too (it’s not, in case you’re wondering).

But anyway. Hats off to Obergefell! Dude’s been through a lot, he’s used our judicial system to make our nation more equitable, and it’s going to make a really interesting book and movie. Get the money, Jim, get the money.

[New York Times]

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