Bill Cosby Was Fired By His Agent, Finally

Oh noes! Bill Cosby has been fired by his agent and talent agency! How sad! Just kidding, no it’s not. About time, if you ask me. Cosby was actually dropped by his representatives at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) earlier this year, but the firm didn’t announce it until now, after a judge unsealed his damning deposition given during his 2005 sexual misconduct lawsuit.

Via Deadline:

“We do not represent him at this time,” a CAA official told Deadline. In a brief phone interview, CAA agent Carla Laur was asked if she still represents Cosby for commercials. “No, I do not,” she said, and hung up.

CAA joins a long list of those disassociating themselves from the serial rapist, who has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting over 40 women over the last four decades. Disney World decided to remove a bust of Cosby’s likeness yesterday, while networks like BET have pulled “The Cosby Show” from syndication. However, it’s straight up pathetic that these brave women were ignored for so long, and that it took hearing it from Cosby himself for many to take their accusations seriously. [Deadline]