What’s Justin Bieber Looking For?

Here is drop-crotch enthusiast Justin Bieber’s ass. He is showing his ass because he is Justin Bieber and if you are a semi-disgraced childhood pop star who is trying to claw your way back to the top, that is what you do. Also, Justin Bieber doesn’t give a fuck. Is it wrong to feel these feelings that I feel? Bieber got kinda fly. This is an uncomfortable statement, but I’m owning it. The ass in question is a good ass. It’s not the best ass, but it’s a passable ass. A decent ass. A fine ass. The kind of ass you want to poke, like testing a tire for air. Would it jiggle? Is it firm?

What are you looking at, little Bieber? What’s that, just past the horizon? Your dignity? Your career? Your underoos? Selena Gomez? Scooter Braun?

We will never know.