Lillian & Beatrice Bellacourt: “Our Husbands Are Dead!”

With both of their husbands now out of the picture – that is – dead to the public, but actually hiding away together in a cottage – the Bellacourt sisters are full of joy while practicing their sad faces for all to witness.

“Everyone is coming to my funeral!” Beatrice has yelped, making sure that this funeral will be the party of the century, you know, like all the other parties they throw that they keep saying are going to be the party of the century, but turn out to be forgotten immediately?

Personally, I think this “party” is going to be pretty terrible, especially since their husbands are not dead. But, a famous writer is supposed to show up with a name that rhymes with Dark Twain. Can you guess who???

Beatrice for one is determined to be the star of the funeral party and has already cozied up to an eligible billionaire.

With “literally no behavioral standards whatsoever” the only requirement for hubby #2 is money and a nice big D.

This episode also gives us a first glimpse into Lillian and Beatrice’s children, which until now, we weren’t even sure actually existed. I have a feeling the Bellacourt sisters have also forgotten they exist.

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