Han Solo Is Getting His Own “Star Wars” Prequel

I’m trembling! An official announcement from StarWars.com says that the iconic character of Han Solo will be getting his own film! The stand alone movie will be a prequel that “focuses on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley.” Mmm, a whole movie about how Han became an intergalactic panty-dropper? I could get into that — except every single “Star Wars” movie outside of the original trilogy has sucked fuzzballs. As Han would say, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

But fret not, according to father-son screenwriting duo Lawrence and Jon Kasdan:

We promise to take risks, to give the audience a fresh experience, and we pledge ourselves to be faithful stewards of these characters who mean so much to us. This is a dream come true for us. And not the kind of dream where you’re late for work and all your clothes are made of pudding, but the kind of dream where you get to make a film with some of the greatest characters ever, in a film franchise you’ve loved since before you can remember having dreams at all.

Hmm, okay, I’ll reserve judgement. But now to the most important question of all: WHO SHOULD PLAY YOUNG HAN?!?!?! As per usual, I am going to suggest Ryan Gosling, as he is perfect for every movie role ever and could make Harrison Ford proud. But who else? The film isn’t slated to come out until May 25, 2018, so today’s hot shit actors — like Chris Pratt, whose name I see being thrown around — might be old news (not Gosling though, he is never out of style). Got any suggestions? [StarWars.com]