Bill Cosby’s Rep: Comedian Only Settled Because 2005 Quaaludes Confession Was “Embarrassing” And “Hurtful”

Yesterday, a portion of Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition was unsealed and provided to the Associated Press, including the comedian’s own admission that he had procured drugs with the intent of giving them to women in order to have sex with them (you know, RAPE). The sexual abuse lawsuit, filed by a former employee of Temple University, was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum and the records had been sealed until now, in the aftermath of similar sexual assault allegations made by at least 30 women. While that many accusers telling the same damn story is all I need to hear in order to write Cosby off as a serial rapist, the 2005 admission should be the “proof” many of his defenders have demanded. (Trust that there are still those who are still trying to parse Cosby’s words and make excuses for his deplorable actions.) So what does Cosby have to say now?

Last night, ABC News said that Cosby’s rep issued the following exclusive statement:

“The only reason Mr. Cosby settled was because it would have been embarrassing in those days to put all those women on the stand and his family had no clue. That would have been very hurtful.”

Yes, I suppose it would have been embarassing and hurtful to Cosby’s wife and children to hear the victims testify on the stand that Cosby had drugged them and raped them. You know what’s worse? Being drugged and raped and then called a liar for decades as the abuser continued to amass fame and fortune. Really? This is how Cosby is going to try and play down his admission of guilt? Like he just said it in order to make the settlement go through so he could spare his family? Fuckkkk thattttttt noise.

One of Cosby’s previous defenders is not buying it. Back in November, singer Jill Scott took to Twitter to call the accusations against Cosby “insane” and to demand proof. Today, it seems his admission is enough for her to have a change of heart:

I would just like to point out that it is RIDICULOUS to require a CONFESSION in order to believe a rape victim’s accusations. First of all, we’re talking about the court of public opinion, not a court of law. Secondly, The vast majority of rapists don’t go around confessing to their crimes, you know? I’m glad Scott realized how wrong she was, but the fact that she refused to believe 30+ women and needed to hear it from Cosby is fucking bullshit. As for Cosby? May he reap every possible consequence for his crimes and then some.

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