Bill Cosby Admitted To Drugging Women In Order To Have Sex With Them

The AP exclusively reports that in 2005, Bill Cosby acquired Qualuudes with the intent of giving them to young women he intended to have sex with (also known as “rape”). This information is part of a testimony from a 2005 lawsuit filed against him by a Temple University employee, which he later settled in 2006. According to the documents obtained by the AP, Cosby testified to giving the woman in question three half pills of Benadryl.

While allegations of Cosby’s sexual misconduct and assault have been swirling around for years, this confession is the most concrete proof so far, besides, you know, the 30+ women who have accused him of pulling the same shit on them. Where in the fuck did Cosby get Qualuudes? If this is true, then all the other allegations must hold water, right? While this is a break in terms of reporting on the allegations against Cosby, this is possibly the most retribution some of his (alleged) victims will get. According to the AP, the majority of the accusations are barred by the statute of limitations. Cosby has never been criminally charged. Lawyers for Cosby have declined to comment, and while the comedian, whose been smug and dismissive in recent interviews, seems to be keeping his mouth shut for now.