America Wins The Women’s World Cup!


America won the Women’s World Cup! It’s been an exciting tournament that’s inspired a lot of great conversations about the attention we should be paying to women’s sports and showcased how incredibly talented women pro athletes are (seriously, did you watch the game? It was amazing). Read The Guardian’s account of what the atmosphere in Vancouver was like last night. [The Guardian]



A combination of domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug wars have led to a staggering number of women and girls disappearing and found dead in Edomex, the central state of Mexico that has surpassed Juarez in terms of violence against women. Two women disappear every day in Edomex, according to the National Femicide Citizen Observatory, and the crimes are committed with impunity. [RawStory]



Between names like Raging Bitch, Pearl Necklace, Tramp Stamp, Thong Remover, Double D, and Happy Ending, artwork that depicts a woman with her panties around her ankles (referring to the fact that alcohol can work as a “panty dropper”), and just incredibly unimaginative and sexist images of women, it’s becoming extremely clear to some beer enthusiasts that craft beer has a sexism problem. [Slate]



If you’re kind of bored with your regular erotica magazines, give L’imparfaite a try. The French indie frames sex sociopolitically; as the magazine explains, “It is a catalyst for those curious to explore how sex and eroticism can be a window into the world.” [It’s Nice That]
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