Abby Wambach’s Post-World Cup Kiss Will Melt Your Heart

So, first of all: USA! USA! USA!

If you didn’t watch the Women’s World Cup final last night, America bested Japan 5-2 after scoring our first four goals in the first 15 minutes, which is insane. But to top it all off, and second of all, soccer fans got this adorable moment between Abby Wambach and her wife, Sarah Huffman, who were married in Hawaii in 2013. Screencaps of the kiss went viral and gave a whole new meaning to the hashtag #LoveWins.

Wambach is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, was named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people this year, and she had stated that this World Cup would be her last. So, basically, she’s got an amazing life. Get it, Wambach! [CNN]
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