Weekend Shut-In: Listen To Leon Bridges, Read The Invaders, Watch What Happened, Miss Simone?

Mmm, summer. Mmm, staying indoors. Mmm, reading books and listening to things and watching things. Stay in. Let’s get chill as hell.



The Invaders by Karolina¬†Waclawiak is a slim little thing that packs a big punch. Cheryl is a forty-something woman living in the fancy-ass beach community of Little Neck Cove, a sparkling jewel in Connecticut. It’s one of those towns that dots the Long Island Sound, with a shoreline full of private beaches, giant houses and neurotic, xenophobic, pill-popping suburban wives in capri pants and sensible tops.

Cheryl finds herself naturally on the outs, a sort of washed-up trophy wife who is always on the fringe of acceptability. Her stepson Teddy is a n’er-do-well college dropout who comes home to roost. There’s a storm on its way, and an “invasion” of immigrant fishermen posing a perceived threat to the community, and the whole novel is a darkly funny exploration of suburban mores, trophy wives, and much more. It’s good! It feels “beachy, but it’s sharp as hell.



Leon Bridges is a 25 year old guitar player from Texas who dresses like an anachronism and sings like Sam Cooke. I have been consumed with the gorgeousness of his voice and his songs since I first heard the aching, plaintive “Lisa Saywer”, and have patiently waited for his debut, “Coming Home”. It is a lovely, lovely record. It’s the sound of summer nights with just a fan, in a dark room. It’s sitting on a porch or a roof or a stoop with a sweaty glass of something cold and strong. It’s the soundtrack for a slow dance somewhere where fireflies still exist. It’s fantastic summer music, yes indeed.



The highly-anticipated documentary¬†What Happened, Miss Simone? is on Netflix, and if you’ve been putting it off for a week because life and other things have called, take some much-deserved time alone and watch this arresting, beautiful documentary. It’s a Sunday kind of movie. Watch it with your phone in another room. Don’t let anyone disturb you. Take the time you need for yourself and practice the best kind of self care.

Image via Dylan York