Welcome To The World, Matt Damon’s Ponytail

Your forever-boo Matt Damon has debuted a new ponytail. It is sandy-colored, nicely textured, lush, thick. It is also disconcerting. It looks like it should not be attached to his head. It’s weird surfer-hair. It should be in a bun, but instead, Matt has chosen to rock it low and tight to the nape of his neck, making him look like a Revolutionary War hero.

It’s the kind of thing that one of your friends quietly reveals one day at brunch, and everyone is so perplexed, so unsure of how to approach it delicately that the ponytail just hangs there, glaring at you balefully as you push Eggs Benedict around your plate and order another Bloody Mary.

We just have one question: Matt, why?

[h/t The Cut]