US And Japan Will Square Off For Women’s World Cup Championship


The House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church resolved, yesterday, to allow same-sex marriages in Episcopal churches and to approve liturgies that included appropriate language for same-sex marriage ceremonies. Episcopal churches were formerly allowed only to do blessings for same-sex marriages, not full ceremonies, and despite the fact that individual reverends can opt not to perform same-sex marriages, this is a big step forward for the religious GLBT community. [CNN]


President Obama has started an initiative called My Brother’s Keeper that aims to help bridge equality gaps for boys and men of color. But researchers are pointing out that by many metrics, the disparities between girls of color and white girls are much wider than those between boys of color and white boys. Will the initiative help Black girls, too? [The Atlantic]


Oh my goodness, why are we not all Norway? A Norwegian public service ad is running that features a man in a penis suit running around in public and shooting glitter confetti on unsuspecting people while grunting loudly, in an effort to raise awareness for safe sex. Norway is doing it right, in other words. [GlobalNews]


The 2015 Women’s World Cup is shaping up to be extremely exciting, with England losing to Japan in the semi-finals on an own goal. England will play Germany for third place, and Japan and the U.S. will square off for the championship. You should obviously be watching it! [The Guardian]

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