Oh Look, Here’s Video Of Miley Cyrus Making Out With Her Victoria’s Secret Model Girlfriend

  • Miley’s sexual fluidity ain’t just for show; here’s some random footage of her making out with new girlfriend, model Stella Maxwell. [Us Weekly]
  • America Ferrera is not having any of Donald Trump’s racist garbage, but rather than “scold” him – since Univision and NBC already hit him where it hurts — she penned an open letter on Huffington Post thanking him instead. For what, exactly? For ensuring that in November “the largest, youngest and fastest-growing constituency” in the U.S. would “silence” him at the polls. [Huffington Post]
  • Here’s a great piece responding to a not-so-great piece about why we need to stop assuming that Black people are homophobic. [Fusion]
  • Here’s your first look at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Convertibles new love nest, which is located right next to Jennifer Garner’s pool. [Defamer]
  • After 44 years, “Sesame Street”‘s Maria — aka Sonia Manzano — is retiring. [The Root]
  • Do women say “just” too much? I just don’t know. [Jezebel]
  • Hi, have you seen “Magic Mike XXL” yet? WTF is wrong with you? I had to stop myself multiple times from leaping to my feet to give it a standing ovation. The first time was FIVE MINUTES IN. Anyway, read this list of 69 things that will happen to you while watching the movie, and then go see it already. [Fusion]
  • Also, “Magic Mike XXL” is for everyone, not just straight women. Straight dudes, YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING. And here’s how the movie’s appeal to gay people is surprisingly deep. [Slate]
  • Attention punctuation nerds: how do you feel about the “exclamation comma”? [Huffington Post]