Here’s A Hilarious Response To The “You’re Not Alone” Video To Make Your Morning Great

If you saw that godawful, downright strange “You’re Not Alone” anti-same-sex marriage video yesterday and worried that it would not go unanswered, worry no more. Three YouTubers – soundlyawake, Ava Gordy, and Miles Jai – got together to point out all of the logical flaws in the Catholic Vote Bizarro-World Catholics-are-the-real-victims-here video by reframing it in terms of race and gender issues. All of them!

For instance, no, having gay friends doesn’t make someone automatically a supporter of the gay community if they don’t believe their gay friends should have the same rights as they have. It just makes them a bad friend. Or: “Bigot” might be a hurtful word, but putting things in perspective, no one is actually going to be denied housing or employment or medical care because they’re a bigot. Bigotry is actually a right that is guaranteed by the first amendment, whereas status as a homosexual or a transgender individual, for example, is not protected by the Civil Rights Act, so gays, lesbians, and transgender people don’t have a guaranteed right to housing, employment, and medical care.

So really who cares if it hurts someone’s feelings to be called a bigot? “Bigot” means “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” These people are admitting that they’re bigots in public, on the Internet, and then asking to be accepted for their bigotry. Catholic bigots: I accept you. You’re all my fellow Americans. I respect the fact that you have formed your own opinions. You also have a reckless lack of concern for the material damage your opinions are doing to other people, and that means that I’m not going to like you. You have the right to be a bigot, but you don’t have a right to everyone liking you.

Anyway, that’s sort of the whole point of this response video. People can have whatever opinions they want, sure. But if those opinions are designed to bolster their own civil rights while excluding other communities from those rights, they can’t viably ask not to get negative feedback from those communities and their allies. One line from Gordy sums up what’s at the real and true heart of the Catholic Vote video pretty succinctly: “I feel uncomfortable when we’re not talking about me.” We’re all playing a tiny, tiny violin for these Catholic Vote people, and I guess they can pout about it together while the rest of us laugh about their goofiness.

[h/t Queerty]


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