Bree Newsome On “Good Morning America”: “We Wanted An End To The Hate”

Bad ass organizer — and real life flag-pole-climbing superhero — Bree Newsome was interviewed on “Good Morning America” this morning, one of the first times, that I know of, that a major morning “news” show has given airtime to interviewed an actual #BlackLivesMatter activist. Newsome, of course, is the Black woman who, with the help of a white guy friend acting as lookout, scaled the flagpole on South Carolina’s capitol grounds and removed the Confederate flag, just days after the local government agreed to “debate” taking it down. Not content to sit one minute longer waiting for bureaucrats to do what should have been done for-evvvvver ago, Newsome explained, “I felt very strongly we needed that moment. We needed that moment to say ‘enough is enough.’ We want an end to the hate.”

Newsome and her accomplice, James Ian Tyson, have each been hit with charges of defacing a monument, which, if convicted, could result in a fine of up to $5,000 and three years in prison. [ABC News]