You Can Take Pride-Themed Selfies For A Good Cause


Mozambique has decriminalized homosexuality. The country never prosecuted anyone on a clause about “vices against nature,” but the removal of the clause from its penal code is a symbolic victory for LGBT Africans, on a continent where many countries have legislated homosexuality as a crime punishable by long prison sentences. [BBC]


If you thought the harassment women go through before they have an abortion was bad enough, wait until you hear about pro-life post-abortion counseling services, which are lying to women about mental health post-abortion and directing them to the same conservative Christian “crisis pregnancy centers” that try to guilt, shame, deride, and mislead women pre-abortion. [The Daily Beast]


The Milwaukee Art Museum bought a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI that was woven out of condoms. The Milwaukee archdiocese is, of course, unhappy with this, but artist Niki Johnson explained that it was created as a form of protest after Benedict claimed that contraception would promote the spread of HIV in Africa. [WITI]


Russell Brand, Laverne Cox, Naomi Campbell, and Boy George have teamed up with Equinox Fitness to pay $1 or £1 for selfies taken in front of a gay pride-themed mural that went up over the weekend in London, New York, and San Francisco. All of the donations will go to The Pillion Trust and the Hetrick-Martin Institute, two LGBTQ charities. [ArtNet]

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