This Anti-Gay Marriage “It Gets Better” Style Video Is Effing Ridiculous

The dramatic music chimes in. A series of people sit down in front of a camera. They talk about how they’re “different.” You figure they’re going to confess something like having some kind of disease or mental disorder. But no. No, that is not what they say. They say “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”


Then, they talk about how it’s really unfair that people judge them for this, and think they’re bigoted. They say this with tears in their eyes, wondering why we can’t all just get along. They are very sad that anyone would think they are a jerk just because they think one group of people should have a right that another does not. They are very worried they will be discriminated against because they choose to discriminate.

Yep. Apparently it is some Catholic version of “It Gets Better“–although it should perhaps be titled “It Gets Increasingly Ridiculous.”

I really want to know. In what world do you think you can say to people “Oh, hey, I don’t think you should have the same rights as me” and expect them to think you are a nice person? That’s insulting. It is an insult. You insult people, they take offense and, very often, do not like you. Their friends, often, do not like you. That is how life works.

Also, pointing out that you have gay friends does not mean you’re not a jerk. We have all had jerk friends before.

For those appearing in the video? No, you’re not alone. There are assholes all over. There are lots of people everywhere who wish to discriminate, who wish to limit the rights of other groups. Including those who–for their own religious reasons–have a problem with Catholics. Do I necessarily want to sit around and have tea with these people and “get to know their heart?” No, because there are enough people in the world who aren’t assholes, and I’d rather spend my time with them.


h/t Kaitlin Ugolik