Josh Duggar Faces Lawsuit From Sex Abuse Victim

Well this is a surprise! It looks like Josh Duggar’s non-familial victim is not quite as ready to accept his sincere apology and finding of Jesus as his sisters are, and is planning a lawsuit against him for molesting her all those years ago.

Although she cannot press charges against him, the state of Arkansas allows for victims of childhood abuse to sue their abusers in civil court years after the abuse has taken place.

This will mean that the Duggars–who won’t be able to plead the 5th since the criminal statute of limitations has expired–will have to testify under oath about Josh’s abuses and the ensuing coverup.

More importantly, however, the lawsuit will name all of the church elders who knew about the abuse and didn’t say anything. Which, in my mind, is the most important part of this. Because yeah, they should be held accountable, and other families in their parish should be made aware of who they are–both literally and figuratively.

It’s devastating that anyone should ever be the victim of abuse, and surely this won’t heal all of this woman’s wounds, but she should be entitled to at least some kind of justice.