Jim Carrey Sure Has Some Opinions On Vaccines

Jim Carrey went on a bit of a Twitter rampage last night over California’s decision to require all children attending public schools to get vaccines. Being that he is the former boyfriend of one Miss Jenny McCarthy, he had some opinions.

It does! Because the mercury in fish is methylmercury (which can affect children in utero), and the mercury in thimerosal (a preservative) is ethylmercury, a different substance. The only proven side effect of ethylmercury is slight inflammation at the injection site.

The only thimerosal in any of the vaccines we give children is a trace amount in one brand of DTaP vaccine (Tripedia), as well as small amounts some Influenza vaccines. However, you can get a brand that doesn’t have it. So, if you want to avoid thimerosal, that is totally a thing you can do. And still get vaccinated! Ta da!

The CDC isn’t a Hollywood movie star. They’re not really worried about protecting their rep. They are not going to just let people die in order to protect their rep, which would obviously be damaged were that to start happening anyway.

So, yeah, Jim Carrey, if people want to avoid thimerosal, that is a perfectly easy thing to do. They can just tell their doctor they don’t want their children getting the brand with that in it. So, you know, calm down.