Happy “Magic Mike XXL” Day! Here’s Channing Tatum Doing 7 Dance Moves In 30 Seconds

It’s July 1, which means Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and the rest of the crew are grinding their pelvises to “Pony” in a theater near you right now. And it’s getting AMAZING reviews. Have you bought your tickets yet? I’m going to see the movie tonight by myself, because I don’t want to be around anyone I know at least the first time I see it, so Channing and I can have some privacy. If you happen to be at the same showing as me, don’t make eye contact as it will be uncomfy for both of us. Anyway, to tide me over for the next few hours, I’m going to watch this video of Chan dancing on a loop. OMG I can’t wait. [Vanity Fair]