Vanessa Bayer Nails Her “Friends” Impersonation On “Jimmy Kimmel”

Vanessa Bayer was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and she debuted what is the best — and perhaps only — “Friends” cast impersonation that I have seen to date. She imagines what would happen if Jimmy were to come over and hang out and proves what everybody already knew: The cast of “Friends” isn’t that friendly! She does a solid Monica, a serviceable Joey/Chandler/Phoebe, but where she really shines is her Rachel, which is a feat of beauty.

Lest you forget the brilliance of Bayer’s impersonations, let us remind you. Here is her Miley Cyrus, which gets me every time.

That adenoidal delivery is spot on. But, her best work is clearly here, as Jacob the boy who recently had his bar mitzvah.

She is a genius.

[h/t Vulture]