The Girl Scouts Turned Down $100,000 From A Transphobic Donor


The Girls Scouts of Western Washington returned a $100,000 donation because the donor wanted a guarantee that the money would not go toward transgender Girl Scouts. Council CEO Megan Ferland explained: “Girl Scouts is for every girl, and every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to.” The donation could have made up a third of the chapter’s financial assistance for the year, so they’re doing an IndieGoGo fundraiser to try to replace the funds. [Jezebel] [IndieGoGo]


In 2006, four young, gay, Black women were harassed on the street, threatened with rape, and when they fought back, they were arrested and sent to jail. Local and national media portrayed them as a lesbian gang who assaulted an “admirer” unprovoked. A documentary about their side of the story, “Out in the Night,” aired on Logo last week. [NPR]


Parents and grandparents in Echo Bay, Ontario are protesting against a more comprehensive sex-ed program in their town that would cover sexual orientation and gender identity for third graders, and oral and anal sex for eighth graders. The protesters are saying that the curriculum constitutes the “rape of childhood,” but the protest organizer cut more to the chase and admitted that he was upset that the curriculum wasn’t in line with traditional Judeo-Christian moral values. [Queerty]


Check out the art project Ambivalently Yours, created by an artist who wanted to express and validate the experience of not deciding, and not having to decide, between conventional femininity and radical feminism. [Flavorwire]
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