The Giant Guide To Penis Size

Men are enormously preoccupied with their penises.

According to research results published in the New York Times that shocked precisely no one, men Google more questions about their penises than any other body part, and the most common concern seems to be making them bigger, or whether they’re big enough. The specter of a small penis has long haunted teen boys and grown men, and ridiculing the size of a man’s junk is a well-established way to cut his ego down to size.

Men spend millions of dollars per year on penis enlargement products, and the dented self-esteem and mental anguish caused by penis anxiety is unquantifiable. Sadly, most of it is  completely ill-founded and unnecessary, however.

So, in the interests of shedding light on this all-consuming condition and alleviating the concerns of guys everywhere, we proudly present The Giant Guide to Penis Size. Read more on Ask Men…