iBesties Want To Teach Girls That STEM Careers Are The Way To Go

Here’s a new way to get girls into STEM careers — dolls. The Daily Dot reports that Jenae and Gina Heitkamp are the two sisters behind iBesties, an “edutainment” company that’s bringing dolls, toys and books featuring the usual kind of characters you’d typically see decorating backpacks or lunch boxes, but with a very different agenda. Each doll — there are six in total — has a specific STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) job. There’s “Business Boss” Mckenna; “Coding Queen” Sunny; “Graphics Guru” Jada; “Gadget Girl” Ryleigh; “Digital Diva” Izzy; and “Bestie Blogger” Sarah.

Like the American Girl dolls, each will come with a series of books that explains their friendships with the other girls and how they came into their career field.  The intent, explains Jenae, is to show “young girls that being smart is not mutually exclusive from being fun and stylish. She also hopes that the iBesties collection will expose girls to new career options and let them know that these careers are attainable and accessible, fun and fulfilling. ” This is a doll we can certainly get behind.

The sisters Heitkamp launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring these dolls from prototype to actuality, so if you want options for all the kids in your life to have something other than Veterinarian Barbie to aspire to, head over and throw ‘em some cash.

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