Death At A Funeral: The Bellacourt Sisters Are In Trouble Yet Again

Ever feel like you’re trapped in a relationship that you somehow got roped into? Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt both find themselves in this predicament, and just want to run free like the cold New England wind. But is divorce really a thing yet? So….what is the alternative for a couple of rich girls like them? Initially, getting drunk and doing nothing except ordering around their butler would work, but they actually seem to have some sort of evil plan in mind.

Lillian is scheming to get rid of her hubs while Mama Bellacourt, Dodo, is being a finger in the ass by trying to marry off Frederick, Beatrice’s twin brother (who Beatrice may or may not be having an affair with – guys it’s seriously gross and I’m not sure what is going on)?

Anyway, I’m preeetty sure that something screwed up is going to happen very soon, because not only are these sisters out of their minds (on substances or not), but Dodo brought a really effed up widow to the house to try and shack up with her son Frederick.

On top of all of this, something is going on with the servants but like, I doubt anyone, especially Lillian and Beatrice, gives two craps about them at all. Why should they? They are far too busy faking their own injuries and screwing their brother to give a shit.

The drama is getting out of control but of course I’m going to keep watching because I’m officially addicted to this show like opium.

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