California Is Right: Unvaccinated Children Should Not Attend Public Schools

As expected, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a SB 277, a bill which will require nearly all public school children to be vaccinated – with only exceptions to be made for those who have a medical reason. However, parents may still refuse to vaccinate their children if they choose to homeschool.

This is fair. I’m sorry, but it’s fair. It is the only fair way to handle this. Unvaccinated children, sweet and innocent though they may be, put everyone’s health at risk and are an honest to goodness health hazard to other people.

The science is in – vaccines work, and they do not, for the love of god, cause autism. Facts are facts. I’m not saying you can’t believe things that are not true, but you cannot act on them if they could actively harm other people.

Hopefully, this will lead to other states following suit. None of us have the luxury of allowing anyone to compromise the health, lives, and safety of other children for the sake of allowing people to believe things that have consistently been proven false. Their needs outweigh the needs of the anti-vaxxers. Plain and simple.

Look, anti-vaxxers who might be reading this – HELLO – I get it. You’ve read some things on the internet and those things have lead you to believe that vaccines are practically a death sentence for your child. You also refuse to believe medical professionals who tell you otherwise, because you believe they are all being paid off to do so. You have every right to those beliefs, as ridiculous as they are. You also have every right to believe in Lizard people, or to be pretty sure that the government is putting fluoride in water for the purposes of mind control.

However, you just don’t have the right to put other children in danger. Vaccination requirements aren’t there just to annoy you, they are meant to protect other people. If you are allowed to opt out of them, there really isn’t any point. To boot, it is irresponsible of you to both take advantage of and compromise herd immunity for those who really do need to rely on it.

Like it or not, the measles outbreak in December was the result of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children. We can’t have that, it’s just not safe and it’s not fair. We cannot put people at risk in order to honor your right to believe something stupid.

If it’s that important to you, then home school. I’d suggest considering opening up a private school for unvaccinated children, but I doubt you’d want to send your kid there. Of course you likely wouldn’t want to send your kid to a school where the kids aren’t vaccinated, because you don’t want your kid to be at risk for diseases. You want the ability to rely on other parents to be responsible when you refuse to be, and that’s just not fair.