Paris Hilton Was The Victim Of A Scary Plane Crash Prank

Poor Paris Hilton. This is the first and likely last time I will type those words, as I can’t imagine the heiress will ever again allow herself to be pranked into believing her plane is about to crash. Yes, that’s the stunt an Egyptian TV show “Ramez in Control” managed to successfully pull on Hilton, which they were able to air because she unknowingly signed a release form before the plane took off. Mere moments after taking flight — for what Hilton thought was going to be an aerial tour of Dubai — the engine “stopped” and the plane plummeted towards the ground, leaving Hilton and the (fake) crew screaming in sheer terror. The show even arranged to have trained skydivers pose as passengers who then jumped to what would have been their deaths, if this had been a real emergency.

Dude, I am down for most any opportunity to mock someone as vapid and obnoxious as Paris Hilton, but this is seriously fucked up and a crowning example of a prank gone about a thousand miles tooooooooo far. What if she had shit her pants or, you know, suffered a heart attack? No one would be laughing then. [The Guardian]