Bill Cosby Calls Janice Dickinson A Liar And Drug Addict

Well, here we go. Amid mostly silence from Cosby during the countless allegations of sexual assault from many many women by now, Bill Cosby has filed legal paperwork against Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit. Cosby claims that Dickinson is a drug addict and liar who was attempting to cash in on the “media frenzy.” Oh you mean the “media frenzy” of about 30 women finally getting the courage to fight back against you after years of silence? Ok.

Dickinson filed a suit against Cosby for rape but Cosby’s legal time is fighting back claiming that she lied when accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 1982.

His lawyers were quoted saying that she is “complaining that she has been branded a liar, when, in fact, lying is part of her ‘brand.'”

The sad thing is that nothing is happening to Cosby in a real tangible way because according to his attorneys, Cosby is protected from Dickinson’s lawsuit under the Anti-SLAPP statute, which protects public figures from “meritless litigation.”

So why are you even whining? We are over it.