Watch President Obama Lead Mourners In Singing “Amazing Grace” At Rev. Pinckney’s Funeral

  • After giving an incredible eulogy at the funeral for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine people killed by terrorist Dylann Roof in a historic Charleston church, President Obama led the mourners in a heartfelt rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Watch above. [Mediaite]
  • Donald Trump refuses to apologize for his racist comments about Mexico, even after Univision decided it would no longer air the Miss USA pageant. Well, duh, of course he won’t apologize, because he meant every word and, oh yeah, I’m pretty sure the words “I’m sorry” have never passed through his lips — and there’s been a LOT to apologize for over the years too. [Us Weekly]
  • Hooray! SCOTUS has officially ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. But Judge Antonin Scalia had some serious harsh things to say in his dissent, leading Slate to create this Scalia Sick Burn Generator. His diss for me: “One would think that Amelia Parry’s opinions are a threat to American democracy. That, alas, is not a novelty.” Bitch, please. [Slate]
  • Jimmy Fallon was rushed to the hospital for some sort of hand injury and was forced to cancel tonight’s episode of “The Tonight Show.” Get well soon, Jimmy! [People]
  • Here’s a cute pic of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrating nine years of marriage with their two daughters. [People]
  • Sigh. Can “Embryonic Lives Matter” please please please not be a thing? [Dlisted]
  • A woman’s guide to learning to love masturbation, if that is indeed something you need to be taught. [Jezebel]
  • Why shower sex is not only overrated — it’s slippery! there’s no room! soap in your yes! — it’s the worst. [College Candy]
  • How long is too long to take hormonal birth control? [The Cut]