Today’s Lady News: Marriage Equality Edition


Obviously the best news of the century so far is that GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES, so take a look at these photos of various states’ very first same-sex marriages. The photo above is Jaque Roberts and Carmelita Cabello, who got married today in Austin, Texas, after 31 years of partnership. [TIME]



And although that news is amazing, the truth is that the reality for the LGB’s is very different than it is for the T part of LGBT. Trans* rights are still far, far behind, and this is especially so for trans* immigrants, who make up 75 of the 34,000 people detained by immigration enforcement every night, but who represent 20 percent of the people who are abused while in detention. Read more from the trans* rights activist who “heckled” the President a few nights ago. [Washington Blade]



A bunch of homophobes have declared that they’re moving to Canada now that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, which, LOL, because gay marriage has been legal in Canada for ten years. Womp womp. [Death and Taxes]



Believe it or not, the first gay wedding that ever took place on TV took place on a FOX show in the early 90s called Roc. It was a sitcom with a political bent about a Black, working-class family, and the episode included a line of dialogue that was ahead of its time and is a perfect summary of America’s attitude toward sexuality and gender identity today, when Roc says he’s not comfortable with his uncle’s homosexuality, but that he was learning to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” [Vox]
[Image via TIME]