New “I Am Cait” Promo: “We’re Gonna Talk About Everything.”

Here’s the latest promo for Caitlyn Jenner’s series “I Am Cait,” which reveals some new footage of Cait just being Cait. She’s going to ride a motorcycle, and talk to her kids, and hang out, and just live life the way she’s wanted to her whole life, and that’s a beautiful thing. The series is going to explore her transition to living life in the public eye as a woman, and is sure to be awesome.

In the meantime, tide yourself over with the full text of the Vanity Fair cover story, which is now online in its entirety. It’s an intimate look at Cait’s life before, during and after the transition, written, curiously enough, by Buzz Bissinger, the author of the book Friday Night Lights, who is also known for his crazy, long-winded tale of shopping addiction and cross-dressing in GQ. An interesting choice of author, but after reading the Vanity Fair story, it works.

“I Am Cait” premieres on July 26.