Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj’s “All Eyes On You” Assures That The Couple Is Fine, Thanks For Asking

Nicki Minaj wants you, your mom, that girl you sit next to at work and your ex-boyfriend to know that she and Meek Mill are 100 percent totally fine and in love, thank you very much. She’s not going to tell you straight out, because she doesn’t need to. Instead, she will guest on her maybe-probably boo’s single off his upcoming album, where they will flirtatiously rap at each other about various things, without coming out and saying that, yes, they are dating, yes, they are together. It’s not explicit, but we just know.

Chris Brown is also on this track, which is 😑, but he’s giving me a bit of early, “All I Want Is You” Miguel with his falsetto, and I can’t be mad at that, despite how hard I try.