Bristol Palin’s Birth Announcement Is Just The Saddest Thing Ever

Bristol Palin announced yesterday that she is pregnant with her second child–and it is truly the saddest birth announcement I’ve ever read in my life. Really, it’s heartbreaking. There’s no other word for it. I can’t stand her, but I can’t help but feel incredibly badly for her.

(I’m announcing this news a lot sooner than I ever expected due to the constant trolls who have nothing better to talk about!!!)

I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant.

Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.

At the end of the day there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side, and I know I am fully capable of handling anything that is put in front of me with dignity and grace.

Life moves on no matter what. So no matter how you feel, you get up, get dressed, show up, and never give up.

When life gets tough, there is no other option but to get tougher.

I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you.

But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.

My little family always has, and always will come first.

Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful.

Jesus fucking christ.

Now look — sure, Bristol Palin has made a crap ton of money off of being an “Abstinence Ambassador.” In 2009 she made $262,000 doing it. Sure, her whole schtick, her whole family’s schtick is all about being holier than everyone else. But I still feel badly for her. I can’t help it. Whether she wants it or not, she has my sympathy.

It’s sad that she’s put herself in a position where she feels she can’t be happy about being pregnant — or that she has to feel like she’s “disappointing” anybody. I don’t even really blame her for being a hypocrite — I just hope she won’t continue being one.

I also think it’s sad if she really is telling the people who read her blog first. Because — given the fact that as of writing, Mama Grizzly has yet to respond and they usually do these sorts of things in tandem — it’s looking like she did it as a buffer so as not to have to tell her family directly.

I wouldn’t go where Gawker went and say it’s a great argument for abortion. I believe, above all, in choice, and that means the choice not to have one as well. I wish she could think of this as being her choice, because at least she’d feel like it was something she had a say in. She still does. If she doesn’t want to have another kid, and she doesn’t want to have an abortion, she can still give the child up for adoption. There is no shame in any of those choices — and really, fuck anyone who is “disappointed” in you for choosing any of them.

If anything, though, it’s merely an argument for why you shouldn’t set yourself up to be a hypocrite. It’s an argument against raising your kids in this environment where sex is bad, and women who have it before marriage are bad, and pregnancy out of wedlock is a woman’s punishment for having been bad. I am just genuinely hoping that this isn’t something she’ll pass onto her kids.