Working Moms Are Good For Their Kids, Says Harvard Study


Working mothers are good for their children, says a Harvard Business School study: Daughters of working mothers are more likely to have good careers, good pay, and equitable relationships as adults than daughters of stay-at-home mothers. Will this stop anyone from criticizing working moms? Of course not, but hey, at least Harvard’s on their side. [The Guardian]



Pioneering feminist artist Miriam Schapiro has passed away at the age of 91. Schapiro’s art centered heavily around craft – patterning, sewing, and other “women’s work” considered too low and too feminine for the art world at the time, as were her materials like textiles, ribbon, and acrylic. She created the exhibition “Womanhouse” with fellow icon Judy Chicago, with whom Schapiro also formed CalArt’s feminist art program. She died in the home of her caregiver. [New York Times]



We knew that twerking originated in African and Black dance roots, but did you know that “twerk” as a word dates back to 1820? The Oxford English Dictionary has revealed that they’ve found an entry for “twirk” from an early 19th-century dictionary, with the definition “A jerking movement or twist.” It was found again in an 1848 dictionary as “twerk.” So I guess all those people who get high-strung over slang additions to the O.E.D. can sit down and take a few deep, calming breaths on this one! [Marie Claire]



Anne Frank’s diary was published on June 25, 1947. To commemorate Frank, who died 70 years ago, TIME has republished a portion of their original review of the diary. Check it out for another reminder to re-read Frank’s insights on the Holocaust. [TIME]

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