Thank Us Later: L’Oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

I’ve been a makeup snob ever since my makeup artist sister introduced me to luxury brands in my late teens, meaning that generally, I don’t do drug store brands. Part of the problem is that I am as pale as pale can be – the color of the first foundation I ever had was called “alabaster,” as in the translucent, stark white gypsum. It was too dark for me, and that was a luxury brand that offered a lot of different foundation shades. Drug store brands can only offer a fraction of those options, so generally, drug store makeup and I have been a mismatch.

But then, I also started having problems with my foundation from a certain luxury brand of powder-based makeup last winter, and had to switch to the brand’s new liquid foundation line. Come summer, the liquid foundation started just caking and then melting off of my face, which defeats the purpose of applying it both because it doesn’t even out my skin tone that way (just the opposite, actually) and because foundation is supposed to stay on, damn it. And all of that is past the fact that it just felt heavy, and was starting to inexplicably look too dark, even though my skin was ostensibly, finally, getting some sun.

So I’ll set the scene. I was in my local Walgreen’s, picking up a prescription, some cough medicine, and night cream. I’m just cruisin’ and perusin’, as you do when you see those yellow tags sticking out from the makeup aisle, indicating a sale. And I’m thinkin’, “Hey, I just got three-quarters of my hair buzzed off of my head. My foundation is too heavy to look good with this haircut, and besides, I really want to wear as little makeup as possible right now. Maybe there’s a cool product I can try.” (Yeah, I think in poorly-written radio advertising copy. Just suspend your disbelief.)

Flashback to about a year ago, when I was part of a Facebook group called “Beauty Tips For Wolf Kids” and everyone was talking about how awesome BB cream is. Do I understand what BB cream is? No. Will I actually look into what it is in the next year? No. But everyone in the Facebook group is all riled up about how great it is, so I just file that enthusiasm under “Miscellaneous Information,” subfolder “Things I Learned on Facebook,” sub-subfolder “Makeup,” and go on my way.

Flash back forward to Walgreen’s. I’m looking at the L’Oréal display, trying to find mascara that is neither volumizing nor lengthening (I’m blond, I just want my eyelashes to be darker), when all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see the following words: “L’Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream – Light – 4 Beautifying Actions in 1: Primes, Corrects, Hydrates, Perfects – Flawless Bare Skin Finish.” And like a supernova exploding in my skull, or dynamite going off in my brain, or a timebomb that’s been ticking since the day I turned 13 and was allowed by my mother to wear makeup finally ticking past 3, 2, and 1, I had the following thought:

“Oh, neat, maybe I’ll try that.”

OK, sorry, that was not the climax I hoped it’d be.

But seriously, this L’Oréal BB cream is amazing. It comes out of the tube white, then you rub it on your face and it just makes itself into your skin color. It evens out my under-eye blueness (an inheritance from my mom’s side of the family, I found out recently, that I’ll have to work with forever) and the weird veiny redness around my nose, not to mention acne scars. It goes on nice and dry, it only takes a little bit for it to work, and since my skin is in pretty good shape right now, I can use it instead of foundation and get all the coverage I need. As a bonus, it’s got Vitamin E, so it should help any forthcoming acne scars to heal (because they are forthcoming, damned hormones). It comes in a few different skin tones, but also in orange (for people with lots of blueness on their face) and green (same, but for redness). Since it’s a tinted primer, if I needed to use foundation, it’d also help to hold it in place. And it matches my skin tone!

So hurrah! I can stop being a chump and buying $25 foundation. I can spend my whole summer blissfully wearing nice, light, breezy makeup. Three cheers for L’Oréal!


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