Live On The Internet!: Woman To Test Out Time Machine Friday Night

Hey! What are you doing tomorrow night? I currently do not have any plans that I know of–and even if it turns out that I do have plans that I’ve forgotten about? Sadly, they do not involve time travel. Probably yours don’t either, unless you are a lady named Anna from Exminster in the UK.

“Anna” (who will not divulge her last name, nor specify if Anna is her real one) claims that she has built a time machine. Earlier this year, she put an ad out on a site called Gumtree (which I am thinking is sort of like Craigslist?) for a time traveling companion to join her in her journey through time and space.


After finally finding a suitable candidate, “Anna” is prepared to try out her time machine–on a live feed–this Friday night at 19:00 hours (7/8 Central). If you are so inclined, you can watch it here.

We at The Frisky wish “Anna” and her companion the best of luck!