UK High Schoolers Invent STI-Detecting Condoms


The federal Office of Personnel Management is now requiring that insurance companies that provide policies for federal employees cover gender transition services for transgender employees. The federal government is the country’s largest employer, so this is a huge step forward and an incredible precedent to set for insurance companies who have traditionally forced trans* individuals to cover the cost of hormone therapy, surgery, and other necessary procedures out-of-pocket. [The Advocate]


Six women who belong to the same social circles have been found dead in Chillicothe, Ohio over a little more than a year. Several of the women have been found in creeks and rivers, and one was shot. Police are still unclear on the exact relationship between the deaths (one was ruled a suicide, the other five murder), and the FBI has joined local authorities in the investigation. [Huffington Post]


A “reclusive” California attorney tried to submit a ballot measure he titled the “Sodomite Suppression Act” that encouraged citizens to kill gays and lesbians. Don’t worry – California’s Attorney General filed a complaint asking permission to refuse to prepare a ballot title and summary for the measure, which was swiftly granted by a Superior Court judge. [RawStory]


Some rad-as-hell high school students in the UK are developing condoms that glow different colors when they come into contact with different sexually transmitted infections. They say they want people to be able to easily get information about their sexual health in the privacy of their own homes, so that they can take action without the potentially embarrassing ordeal of having to first get tested at a doctor’s office. Neat! [Science Alert]
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