Do Something New: Get An Energy Healing

As I’ve said a few times throughout this Do Something New project, I am not a person who believes in “god” or a higher power, or for that matter auras, healing crystals, psychic ability. But one of the things I wanted to do was to seek out things that sound rationally ridiculous to me and actually go ahead and do them. There are people who believe wholeheartedly in auras and healing crystals and psychic energy, and get something positive and joyful and affirming out of those beliefs. I wanted to understand that, because on a basic level, I want to respect other people. And besides, what the hell do I really know, in the grand scheme of things? The universe is a big place. You might as well be open to possibilities.

I went to InVision in Chicago, which, beyond offering psychic readings, is also a school for psychic abilities. My healer, Kirstin, showed me around – the school apparently used to be an art studio space, so they have a nice big open room for workshops and meditation classes, plus smaller side rooms for healings and readings. It’s a very soothing place to be, as you’d expect for a school for psychic abilities; colorful but not overwhelmingly so, nicely but minimally decorated.

I had what was apparently the last reading of the day, and the school is on a short break, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Kirstin did a chair healing for me, the point of which was to clear out energies and create space in my body and in my spirit, to clean out the layers of my aura and each of my chakras. She told me what she was doing and seeing, including what she phrased as “saying hello” to energies that weren’t as strong as they could’ve been. She gave me insights about the energy she was feeling, like that I have irritable energy in some of my auras and chakras (no surprise there) but that it’s not necessarily a bad thing – that irritability is how we set boundaries and create space for ourselves, sometimes.

And, you know what? I think I felt something while she was doing it. A few things, actually. And there could be a million reasons why I felt something, like maybe I just don’t usually have 50 minutes to sit in a chair and be very, very attentive to what my body is feeling, and that helped me to relax. Maybe some of the insights she gave me made me confront things I’m uncomfortable with and let them go, and that felt good. Maybe there really are psychic energies and auras and chakras, maybe Kirstin really can influence them, and maybe she really was working with a neutral vibration to clear things out and make space.

I will say that I don’t doubt at all that Kirstin believed in what she was doing and was feeling and reading and interpreting something that she has more background and faith in than I could profess to. And inasmuch as that’s the case, having a healing done, as a secular person, is as harmless and kind as someone saying that they’ll pray for you when you’re sick or having a hard time. Just the fact that someone cares about you and is, in their way, trying to help to take care of you, is affirming. It’s like how healing crystals might not concretely do anything other than hang prettily around your neck, but if someone gave it to you who cares about you, it’ll make you feel better just because it reminds you that someone cares about you. Coincidentally, that sense of emotional attachment, when you’re talking about an object, is what Walter Benjamin would call “aura.” Talking about original art objects, Benjamin explained “aura” this way:

“Its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be. This unique existence of the work of art determined the history to which it was subject throughout the time of its existence.”

In other words and interpreted not for art alone, but for objects in general, that means that the time and place in which objects exist conveys meaning to those objects. So if someone gives you a crystal, the fact that they gave it to you, and the moment when they gave it to, gives the crystal meaning, regardless of your beliefs. Why couldn’t that be extended to actions, as well? Maybe a kind and caring gesture, including prayers and healing, have their own auras, and can mean something subtle but affirming to you, can help to determine your path forward. And maybe people have auras, too, inasmuch as we exist in time and space and mean things to other people. Like I said, what do I know? And why not be open to the possibility?



[Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”]

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