A New Jersey Family Fled Their Home After Receiving Ominous Letters From “The Watcher”

A Westfield, New Jersey, family has fled their recently-purchased $1.3 million dollar home, after receiving terrifyingly creepy letters from someone who refers to themselves as “The Watcher.” According to CBS News, the family that fled had been “aware of a man who calls himself ‘the Watcher,’ but they never said anything.” They are suing the previous owners of the house, the details of which can be seen over at Gawker, who got their hands on the entire lawsuit.

In a series of increasingly ominous notes that the family received over time, ““The Watcher” claimed the home “has been the subject of my family for decades,” and “I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming.” The “Watcher” reportedly sent notes referencing the family’s small children, writing, “Have they found out what’s in the walls yet?” and “I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me.”

Because this is legitimately horrifying, the family got the fuck out of dodge. But some questions remain!

  • If you were “aware” of a man whose preferred name for himself was “The Watcher,” why did you keep your mouth shut? Why did you move into this house? Was it really your “dream” house if it came with some supremely scary B-movie shit?
  • Have you found out what’s in the walls? Did anything prompt you to CHECK?
  • Why did you tolerate these “packages” full of menacing threats for so long? Why didn’t you get the fuck out of the house the FIRST TIME you got the note?
  • Who’s the previous owner? Why are they acting out a mediocre horror movie at your expense?
  • Are you guys okay?

The situation was serious enough for the mayor of Westfield to address it in a meeting, but determined that there was no legal action to take, as no actual crime has been committed — YET. New Jersey is a strange place, so this incident is classified as a “disorderly person”‘s crime, which is a neat but rather inadequate way of summing up what is either a really good or really bad horror movie come to life.

The lawsuit filed against the sellers of the home by the family who fled alleges that the sellers willfully concealed the fact that they too had gotten letters from “The Watcher” claiming ownership of the property. According to “The Watcher,” the house had been in its family for decades. A letter allegedly states: “My grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched it in the 1960s. It is now my time.” What? Jesus Christ.

The full suit goes on to detail more of the letters the family received:

“Who am I? I am the Watcher and have been in control of 657 Boulevard for the better part of two decades now. The Woods family turned it over to you it was their time to move on and kindly sold it when I asked them to,’ You have changed it and made it so fancy,’ ‘It cries for the past and what used to be in the time when I roamed its halls,’ ‘When I ran from room to room imagining the life with the rich occupants there,’ ‘And now I watch and wait for the day when they young blood will be mine again.”

If this somehow ends up being another viral marketing stunt for “The Gallows,” there is no hope left for this world.

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