Playing Fast (and Very, Very Loose) with the Bellacourt Sisters

Things are totally heating up in Newport, RI and it’s not just your consumptive fever! The hottest daughters of magnet magnate Commodore Bellacourt, Lillian and Beatrice, have arrived along with their group of seriously servile staff who are ready to plump up the sisters’ already ample bustles and bustiers. The whole household is gearing up for the party of the 20th Century…kind of.

Recently, two spots have opened up in the “Newport 400” (A group of the most important white people in America) and our syphilitic soul-sisters, Lillian and Beatrice Bellacourt, are totally gunning for the coveted spots. These ride-or-die wenches are throwing a banging party to do just that: ride and probably die.

In a post-party interview for the The Looky Loo, Lillian was (intoxicatingly) quoted as saying “I’m just glad our best friends died so that some availability opened up and we could actually have a chance to join this godforsaken club.”

Make sure you tune in, because apparently there is an EXTRA “special” guest that their older, more homely sister Hortense has decided to bring along.

I am dying to see Lillian and Beatrice start a shit show and I’m not just talking about the carriage horse’s manure. I just hope their doped up mom Dodo Bellacourt doesn’t f*&% it all up for them. She is a piece of work.

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