“Abortion Drones” Are Flying From Germany To Poland


Abortion provider and advocacy group Women On Waves is going to be flying drones loaded with abortion pills from Germany, where abortion is legal, to Poland, where the majority of women who want abortions have to go underground. The abortion drone is meant to raise awareness about the strict abortion laws in Poland as compared to most of the rest of Europe. [Feministing]


Women’s rights activists around the world are not just unsupported by their governments despite a 2013 UN resolution to protect activists, their governments are actively harassing, threatening, and even assaulting them, according to ActionAid. The U.S. is listed among one of the worst countries to be a women’s rights activist, along with Afghanistan, Nigeria, South Africa, and Brazil. [The Guardian]


Lynda Brown, a woman in Glastonbury who teaches pagan drumming and mantra chanting, has been harassed relentlessly by her neighbor, who believes that Brown is a witch put a curse on her and made people in the walls talk to her. The neighbor’s response has been to bang on Brown’s walls at all hours of the day and night, threaten her, and throw golf clubs at her. This is obviously a senility/mental health issue, but also, can we get this woman a time machine? [Death and Taxes]


Pink and blue weren’t historically the respective colors “for” girls and boys, apparently – in the early 1900s, department stores were divided on what color was appropriate for whom. It wasn’t until the 50s and 60s that pink was considered feminine, and it was cemented in the 80s, when parents began finding out the sex of their babies before birth. [Mental Floss]

[Image via Women on Waves]